Ana Godonoga
Research and Teaching Associate and PhD Candidate
André Brasil
Universiteit Leiden / CWTS
PhD researcher at CWTS, also affiliated with the Brazilian Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education - CAPES. His research is focused on national evaluation systems and multidimensional evaluation.
Andrei Ogrezeanu
Is a senior business analyst/consultant and project technical coordinator with over 14 years of experience in innovative Information Technology related projects.
Anna Domaradzka
Assistant Professor and Institute Director
Anna Pellizzone
Public engagement and RRI professional
Arko Olesk
Science communication researcher, science journalist
Asako Okamura
Japan Science and Technology Agency
Asako Okamura is Project Researcher and staff member of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Former Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) analyst and fellow at Centre for Research and Development Strategy of Japan Science and Technology Agency. Her research is focused on science, technology and innovation policy.
Astrid Lykke Birkving
Aarhus University
Astrid Lykke Birkving is research assistant at The Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA) in Aarhus.
Bernd Carsten Stahl
United Kingdom
Director, Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Carmelo Polino
Center for Higher University Studies
Carmelo Polino is Coordinator of the Area of Perception and Communication of Science. Researcher at the Observatory of Science, Technology and Society of the Center for Higher University Studies of the OEI, and of the Network of Science and Technology Indicators (RICYT). University of Oviedo. Master in Communication and Culture of Science and Technology from the University of Salamanca. Master in Science, Technology and Society from the National University of Quilmes. Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oviedo. Official Master of Science Studies from the His areas of study are the sociology of science communication, social perception of science, scientific culture and citizen participation. On these topics, he coordinates research projects at the regional level and has made various publications in books and science journals.
Carolina Llorente
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
PhD candidate and associate professor of science communication and responsible research and innovation at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Her research mainly focuses on citizen participation in science.
Cristina Ivan
Emad Yaghmaei
Delft University of Technology
Emad Yaghmaei is Senior Researcher at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology
Erich Griessler
Institute for Advanced Studies
Head of the research group "Techno-Science and Societal Transformation" at the Institute for Advanced Studies. He is involved in national and European research projects since years with a focus on responsible research and innovation.
Frans Snik
Universiteit Leiden
Gema Revuelta
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Graduated in Medicine, PhD and masters’ degree in Science Communication. Senior researcher in social perception of science, science and health communication and journalism and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).
George Manea
Is a software developer with 8 years experience in PHP programming who has developed a wide variety of websites using Drupal, WordPress, and Laravel frameworks and web-based software.
Gunilla Öberg
University of British Columbia
Gunilla Öberg is inspired by her deep knowledge in chlorine biogeochemistry, environment and sustainability, and her experience as a leader of complex interdisciplinary research and education. Her research deals with the production and use of science for policy focusing on sustainable sewage management in growing urban areas. Dr. Öberg also pursues innovations in undergraduate science education focusing on how to learn/teach science literacy beyond content knowledge, including: navigating the gap between the scientific practice and science studies; recognizing the limits and context-dependence of science; effective use of historic and contemporary cases and student peer review.
Gustave Bohlin
Hendrik Berghaeuser
Fraunhofer ISI
Hendrik is a researcher and project manager at the Department Policy & Society at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI. He has been working on numerous studies and evaluation on science, technology and innovation policies.