Call for stakeholder comments on the purposes and opportunities of monitoring

The SUPER MoRRI project is working to develop a monitoring framework to support RRI.

We recently released a Briefing Paper on the purposes and opportunities of monitoring, aimed at institutional stakeholders. In this paper we ask some key questions that can help us to develop a monitoring framework that is useful for stakeholders:

  • Why is RRI important for your organisation or role?
  •  How might RRI monitoring support your organisation, role or specific objectives?
  • What data or indicators should be a priority for RRI monitoring?

We are now interested in receiving comments on the Briefing Paper from any interested individuals or organisations. We are seeking the views of stakeholders in R&I and societal actors on these questions.

However, comments need not only address the questions we pose but can communicate other ideas of concerns. We would appreciate receiving your comments by November 11.

You can access the briefing paper below:

Briefing Paper

Contributions can be sent to:

NOTE: Comments received will be made available publicly on our project website, unless it is indicated that the response should be kept private.

Any questions? Please contact: Richard Woolley

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