In this second blogpost in the series in the SUPER MoRRI project, Ingeborg Meijer describes the communities that were created and reached through the project in pursue of knowledge for monitoring and evaluating research and innovation well.
In this blogpost (and the next), the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation framework for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the EU is told through our learnings in the H2020-funded project SUPER MoRRI over time.
In this blogpost, Ingeborg Meijer, Richard Woolley and Anestis Amanatidis collate the lessons from the SUPER MoRRI annual event 2022 that focused on responsible research funding.
In this post published at the LSE Impact Blog, Stefan de Jong, Michael J. Bernstein and Ingeborg Meijer describe their work developing a tool that facilitates researchers and research funders to incorporate responsible research and innovation values into their work.
In this blog post, Richard Woolley addresses a key question that has preoccupied the project team from the outset of the SUPER MoRRI journey: how to monitor RRI in a responsible way?
In this blog post, Ingeborg Meijer concludes a series of posts reflecting on the discussions of the Super MoRRI annual event of 2021, this time focusing on the necessary time to promote change.
Reflecting on experiences from three European projects involving regional stakeholders, Norbert Steinhaus, René Wintjes and Anestis Amanatidis describe how differences became visible and ask how the science system can account for diversity.
In this blog post, André Brasil reflects on the discussions of the Super MoRRI annual event of 2021 around metrics and peer-review in evaluation practices.
In this post published at the LSE Impact Blog, Wouter van de Klippe discusses findings from a case study of CSO organisations and explores their motivations for engaging (or not) with research funding and academic research.
In this blog post, Nhien Nguyen, Felicitas Schmittinger and Tjitske Holtrop talk about how questionnaires often seem simple and straightforward means of monitoring and assessment, while they can actually be a complex strategy to grasp ongoing changes and engage with people.
In this blog post, André Brasil discusses the Super MoRRI annual event of 2021 and brings a first impression of the discussions that took place over four webinars.
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