Andrei Ogrezeanu

Senior business analyst/consultant and project technical coordinator with over 14 years of experience in innovative Information Technology related projects. Since 2017, at SIVECO, he focused primarily on international Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) projects (mostly financed by the European Commission), involving the development of innovative information systems. He performed analysis of user and technical requirements for various information systems; he planned, contributed to, coordinated, or reviewed deliverable reports on various topics/aspects: user and technical requirements and architecture, technical reporting, testing and piloting, sustainability and exploitation etc. He also got involved in various other aspects of projects: conducted training sessions with information system users, wrote research papers and presented at conferences, published project related articles on project website or other channels, coordinated collaborative content creation (e.g. portal content and wiki (or semantic wiki) content. Aside from RDI projects, he was involved in international commercial projects as business analyst or training expert.

Andrei Ogrezeanu has a strong academic background as well. He holds a part time lecturer position at the Romanian American Business School, where he teaches mathematical methods for business (statistics, decision analysis, etc.) to MBA students. His education followed a dual track: in Political Science and Industrial Engineering. He holds a BA (2002) and an MA (2004) in Political Science from the University of Bucharest (Romania) and University of Georgia (GA, USA), respectively, where he focused mostly on comparative European politics and policy, social science research design and methods, and political theory. He also holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Management and Engineering. His PhD research focused specifically on determinants of use of information technology by individuals (i.e. what causes some individuals to more readily adopt/use technology than others), and more broadly on issues of technology, innovation and change, project and process management. He published papers or participated to conferences on topics such as technology adoption, project and process management, etc.

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