MoRRI 2014-2018

SUPER MoRRI builds on and continues the work of its forerunner project MoRRI – Monitoring the evolution and benefits of responsible research and innovation (2014-2018).
Contract RTD-B6-PP-00964-2013

MoRRI was a project tasked with implementing a monitoring system for responsible research and innovation (RRI) across its five dimensions (gender equality, science literacy and science education, public engagement, ethics, open access/open data), and governance. In addition to identifying indicators for the evolution of RRI, it identified social, democratic, economic and scientific benefits of RRI, and also conducted preliminary work to lay out routes towards implementing impact indicators.

The MoRRI project was active from 2014 to 2018. It was led by Technopolis Consulting Group Belgium in collaboration with leading European organisations and individual experts. Among the core partners were:

  • University of Aarhus
  • Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna (IHS),
  • CWTS (Leiden University)
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI
  • INGENIO (Polytechnic University of València)
  • University of Athens
  • University College London (UCL)
  • SPRU from the University of Sussex
MoRRI Publications
Here you can find the links to the MoRRI publications published by the Publications Office of the European Union, based on the complete set of project deliverables..
Published Deliverables
Below you can find the complete set of MoRRI Deliverables (ordered by publication date, descending)
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TitleDescriptionSizeDate addedDownload
MoRRI D13 Final report – Summarising insights from the MoRRI project17.39 MBMay-2018 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D8 MoRRI Policy Brief2.50 MBApr-2018 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D11 Short draft final report on insights from monitoring the evolution and benefits of RRI in Europe6.45 MBMar-2018 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D4.3 The evolution of Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe: The MoRRI indicators report (ANNEX) 3.40 MBFeb-2018 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D9.1 Report on the Researchers’ Survey503.52 KBOct-2017 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D5.3 RRI benefits and economic effects: summary and assessment of empirical data1.34 MBDec-2016 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D6 Development of metrics and indicators for RRI benefits1.32 MBDec-2016 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D5.2 In-depth case studies on the benefits of RRI across the scientific disciplines and industrial sectors5.34 MBApr-2016 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D5.1 Update of the literature review and Visioning exercise3.37 MBJan-2016 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D3.2 Metrics and indicators of Responsible Research and Innovation – Progress report1.39 MBSep-2015 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D3.1 Synthesis report on existing indicators across RRI dimensions Progress report2.14 MBMay-2015 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D2.4.1 Analytical report on the dimension of research and innovation ethics1.60 MBApr-2015 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D2.2 Analytical report on the dimension of science literacy and scientific education1.75 MBApr-2015 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D2.4.2 Analytical report on the dimension of research and innovation governance1.91 MBApr-2015 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D2.1 Analytical report on the dimension of citizen engagement and participation of societal actors in R&I2.57 MBApr-2015 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D2.4 Analytical report on the dimension of open access4.01 MBApr-2015 DownloadPreview
MoRRI D2.3 Analytical report on the gender equality dimension3.55 MBApr-2015 DownloadPreview
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