Book: Putting Responsible Research and Innovation into Practice – a Multi-Stakeholder Approach

This Open Access book builds on the experiences of one of the largest European projects in the domain of responsible Research and Innovation: NewHoRRIzon. It highlights the potential of and opportunity in responsible R&I to conduct innovation in a socially responsible way. Employing the methodology of Social Labs, the book analyses responsible R&I from an experience-based viewpoint and further explores the application of responsible R&I beyond scholarly and industrial interests. The contributors analyze the current European R&I landscape, provide reflection and reconceptualization of its core concepts, and project future challenges in relation to responsible R&I. The book complements the readers’ line of work by providing insights on how responsible R&I can be applied by the audience, for example, in their decision-making processes. 

You can openly access the book here

There are three sections the book is structured by:

The first section collects experiences from projects and work that enacts and discusses RRI as a European policy instrument. The second section elaborates on public engagement in relation to responsible research and innovation. Finally, the last section reflects on governance of RRI.

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