The RRI ecosystem has officially launched!

What the ecosystem will become is still open and flexible – will you help to co-construct it?

The RRI environment and a need for developing a community

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) has permeated research departments globally. It is reflected in policy documents, funding schemes, and a list of projects which seems to always be expanding.

The many actors who are working in this environment have generated a wealth of information and tacit knowledge. They all would benefit from a platform for sharing and communication. In recognition of the benefits and opportunities that this space would provide, the Scientific Understanding and Provision of an Enhanced and Robust Monitoring System for RRI (SUPER MoRRI) project is actively co-creating an ecosystem with these goals in mind.

The first virtual meeting

The first virtual meeting of the ecosystem took place on the 17th of October. After a round of introductions, discussion swiftly transitioned to asking what the needs of the RRI community are, how this ecosystem can best meet those needs, and what the format of future meetings should look like.

Additionally, it was concluded that future meetings for the RRI ecosystem should include representatives from a more diverse background, extending the co-creation process to those beyond academia

Future meetings will be thematically organised, and the upcoming meeting on the 21st of November will be about challenges of translation in relation to RRI. This includes challenges that arise from translations across languages, cultures, but also disciplines and sectors.

The SUPER_MoRRI website will be used to communicate the topics, shared ideas & outcomes of the RRI ecosystem on a regular basis.

New co-constructors are sought!

If this topic appeals to you and you want to be a part of future RRI ecosystem virtual meetings, get in touch with us!

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