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Software Imagination & Vision S.R.L. (SIMAVI) is a large company, a newly established spin-off company of SIVECO Romania SA – a large software company established in 1992. SIMAVI has inherited all the assets related to the software development activities, the related experience in the field, the implementation teams, the certificates and the authorizations held by SIVECO Romania SA. SIMAVI has taken over also the software products and projects references from the following fields of activity: R&D, Education & Training, eHealth, Security, Customised Applications, ERP & BI, Customs, and Government. SIMAVI will pursue with a significant experience and an exceptional track record in R&D&I projects, being involved as technological provider and as coordinator in many European and national research projects.  Moreover, SIMAVI will continue the outstanding reputation of SIVECO, in international markets, by developing successful projects together with several international companies. SIMAVI provides services on the whole life cycle of projects: analysis of users’ requirements, design, development, testing, implementation, end-users training and technical assistance, and system maintenance.

Software Imagination & Vision S.R.L. (SIMAVI) staff consists of IT specialists covering all stages of projects development: analysts, business consultants, system architects, programmers for different platforms, implementers, testers, DBAs, data analysts, accredited trainers. The solutions developed by SIVECO Romania are based on successful and mature existing products and custom-made software, operating on various platforms and databases. They are web standard compatible and can be easily integrated with other applications and internal or external databases (Geographical Information Systems, database sharing, Business Intelligence Applications, etc).

The main role will be the development of the dashboard (WP 3), the self-assessment tool (WP 6) and the project website (WP 7).

Our Members
Is a senior business analyst/consultant and project technical coordinator with over 14 years of experience in innovative Information Technology related projects.
Is a software developer with 8 years experience in PHP programming who has developed a wide variety of websites using Drupal, WordPress, and Laravel frameworks and web-based software.
Researcher. Trained as an anthropologist Tjitske studies how evaluation gets done, what kind of resources and people they mobilize, and what kinds of practices, collectives and ideas of accountability, change and quality they make possible.
Currently acts as Head of the European Projects Department and has been leading participation in Horizon 2020
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