Massimo Graae Losinno

Massimo Graae Losinno

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I hold a MA degree in political science from Aarhus University. Here I focused, among other things, on quantitative methods and data science. I have just handed in my master’s thesis this summer, I wrote it on lobbyism of the European Commission. After studying only a few semesters of my bachelor degree, I got a position at CFA as a student assistant and I worked there until I graduated. I have therefore worked part time within the field of studies in research and research policy for more than three years now. During which time I have worked on a number of RRI projects, including projects from under the Horizon 2020 framework such as the PRINT project.


My interest in responsible research and innovation stems from my work at CFA, rather than my studies. Working within this field as a student assistant and being surrounded by colleagues working within this field, underlined the importance of responsibility and ethics in academia and the innovative sectors at large. I am particularly interested in how irresponsible research is categorised as such and how attitudes towards irresponsible research changes from one scientific field to another. I find the discussion of universal rules within RRI and the following inevitable exceptions very interesting. I am therefore very excited to be part of this project and getting the chance to learn more about RRI within different academic fields in different institutions all across Europe. I am also excited to get to know all the other country correspondents, whom I am looking forward to work with.


Due to my interest in the varying views of RRI, I am hoping to learn not only more about RRI, but also about RRI in different cultural and institutional settings, those are my personal goals. However, as a SUPER MoRRI country correspondent I furthermore hope to assist the current advancement of RRI in the EU as well as in Denmark. I believe that the work we are doing as country correspondents is important, and that this work together with the rest of the SUPER MoRRI project will have a positive impact on RRI in the EU. I know from working at CFA that there are still many things that can be done, but I have also seen that changes are being made. Hopefully I will learn new things from this experience that I can use in the future as an employee at CFA. While also creating a network across the EU of other RRI interested colleagues.

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    The Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA)

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    Scientific Assistant

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