Anestis Amanatidis
CWTS, Leiden University
Anestis Amanatidis is a junior researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University involved in several European research projects in the context of (responsible) innovation governance with an interest in understanding how participatory processes account for difference across a range of stakeholders and the ways they are dealt with. 
André Brasil
Universiteit Leiden / CWTS
PhD researcher at CWTS, also affiliated with the Brazilian Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education - CAPES. His research is focused on national evaluation systems and multidimensional evaluation.
Inge van der Weijden
Universiteit Leiden / CWTS
Senior researcher, lecturer and PhD coordinator. Inge conducts both qualitative and quantitative research on the motivation, selection and evaluation of scholars in order to better understand career development of scientists within and outside academia.
Ingeborg Meijer
Universiteit Leiden / CWTS
Senior researcher in research policy and evaluation with a focus on biomedicine and healthcare R&I. Ingeborg’s main goal is to make sure that society is able to use research.
Tjitske Holtrop
Universiteit Leiden / CWTS
Researcher. Trained as an anthropologist Tjitske studies how evaluation gets done, what kind of resources and people they mobilize, and what kinds of practices, collectives and ideas of accountability, change and quality they make possible.
Magdalena Wicher
Institute for Advanced Studies
Magdalena Wicher is a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies with an interest in responsible research and innovation (practices). Within her PhD she focuses on governance aspects in the emergence of science and innovation policies.
Wouter van der Klippe
Universiteit Leiden / CWTS
Part time junior researcher. Wouter has an interest in working to ensure that science and technology are developed in ways that reflect the needs of broader society.